Limited Edition Cold Pour Hippo Soap
Limited Edition Cold Pour Hippo Soap
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Limited Edition Cold Pour Hippo Soap

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Once a month or so, we create a special formulation based on a selection of cold pressed exotic plant oils I have been able to source, and together with carefully crafted wild harvested botanicals from Vancouver Island I pour a batch of 48 hippos.

Limited Edition hippos will vary according to availability. 

No two batches are the same and I bring out a different selection each month.

These hippos are different from our regular hippos in a few ways.

They are formulated in small batches using exotic oils and butters. Each formulation is created with a specific idea in mind. Some hippos have great exfoliating qualities, other are super moisturizing!

They are "cold-pour". This means that they are single processed and need to cure for at least 6 weeks depending on the oils used. Some hippos require up to 6 months curing. This time, along with the added cost of higher priced ingredients means that these hippos carry a much higher price tag.

Four Limited Edition Hippo Soaps are snuggled into a white cotton wash cloth, before being packaged into a white branded BEBA Botanica mailer box.  Hippos weigh. between 80-90 g each, and each gift box will contain a detailed description of the ingredients and heritage of each Hippo soap.

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