Almond Milk Hippo Soap -Fragrance Free
Almond Milk Hippo Soap -Fragrance Free
Almond Milk Hippo Soap -Fragrance Free
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Almond Milk Hippo Soap -Fragrance Free

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Fragrance Free Hippo Soap  - GREAT FOR BABIES ( cold pour)

Almond Milk forms the active ingredient in this otherwise very classic vegan soap, gently cleanse without stripping oils from your skin.

  • this is a COLD POUR product which has been cured for 3+ months
  • blend of 5 organic moisturizing vegetable oils and butters working together to provide a luxurious lather and deep clean
  • NO essential oils - this soap is fragrance free
  • awesome as a hand soap, you can wash repeatedly as required
  • each soap weighs between 80-90 grams ( 2.8 - 3 oz)
  • note: this product contains organic almond milk 

All our soaps are individually formulated and contain only the best natural botanical ingredients. 100% vegan oils. Cruelty free. Safe for your entire family and our planet.

Hippo's are made from Saponified Vegetable Oils and added Organic Vegetable Glycerine.  Weight is 90g net.

ps. NO  Parabens, Sulphates, Glycols, Synthetic Fragrances or anything that hurts you or the environment. This is a CLEAN natural beauty product.

pps. This is a natural handmade soap so each one is unique !

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