What is Clean Skincare ?

At Beba Botanica, clean skincare begins with the highest quality, therapeutic, naturally non-toxic ingredients.

Our whimsical hippo soaps are hand formulated to be beautifully beneficial for your skin. Active botanicals provide nourishment from nature, and evoke wellbeing.

Our ingredients

Our soap is vegan, and consciously crafted with plant-based ingredients. Where possible, fully organic ingredients are used.

Most often, the botanicals we use give the individual soaps their distinctive, cheerful colour.  Where we do add colour, it's always safe, and 100% natural where possible. We never use synthetic or paraben based colours, and source all our ingredients ethically.

We do not use fragrance oils, so our products don't overwhelm with the smell of synthetic perfume. Instead, our subtle natural scents come from essential oils. We blend our own combinations, then add them to deliver maximum therapeutic efficacy, while staying within safe dermal limits.

Growers and Suppliers

We are passionate about supply chain sustainability and supporting artisan growers. 

Our belief is that together we can co-create a better future - by mindfully choosing what ingredients to use, and where to source them.  Every ingredient that goes into our products comes from credible suppliers with valid technical data sheets.

In addition, we rigorously monitor the supply chain, to ensure the ingredients they deliver conform to our clean skincare ethics and sustainability charter.

Plant Based Ingredients ONLY

As we start to formulate more complex products, we are often faced with ingredients that look plant based, and indeed may be somewhat plant based.

That isn't good enough.

At Beba Botanica, we only use 100% safe plant based ingredients.

It's part of our philosophy of doing things right, and doing the right thing.