BEBA Botanica is 100% committed to clean beauty, across our entire supply chain. We support ethical and sustainable ingredients and packaging which are non-toxic and safe for your family and our environment

We do not believe that additional packaging is required to make our product more desirable. If it does not add value to you and our planet we leave it out.If any part of our product, from ingredient to packaging is not adding real value to the product experience we leave it out. 

In line with the latest global initiatives on sustainability within the beauty industry, we believe that we all have to collectively take a new approach to packaging:




BEBA Botanica soaps come naked in a box. No plastic covering or even card boxes which get discarded as soon as you need to use your product. Just soap.

Our boxes are Kraft board,  manufactured and printed BC. We support Canadian  and North American suppliers first.

Soap sets come with the added value item of an organic cotton wash-cloth which stops the soaps from bumping around and becoming damaged. No disposable filler needed.  Our tissue, stickers, labels, and tape are all 100% environmentally friendly. And if you receive our products in the mail, then the mailer is compostable too.... BEBA Botanica is a part of the Eco Packaging Alliance 

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