MUD & BUTTER Hippo Soaps

Ethical. Eco-Friendly. Always Adorable.

There's nothing better than a mud bath to get you properly clean & glowing with health.


Mineral rich clays sourced from around the world combine with luxurious African oils and butters and therapeutic essential oils to leave you feeling better than a Hippo in Mud!

LANGA Hippo Soap

BEBA Gold Clay with Orange & Ylang Ylang

MVUBU Hippo Soap

Fragrance Free Baby Soap

NANDI Hippo Soap

Pink Clay with Himalayan Sea Salt & Grapefruit

XOLANI Hippo Soap

White Clay & Indigo with Vetiver & Vanilla

THEMBI Hippo Soap

White Clay and Poppyseed with Japanese Peppermint

GUGU Hippo Soap

Green Clay with Clay Sage & Cedarwood


Each Vegan Hippo Soap is carefully formulated to care for your skin. But did you know.....when you pamper yourself, you help us to help others!

Your purchase has purpose. With every Hippo Soap you buy, we give back to our community in support of the 
Cowichan Women against Violence Society and Grow-Nolukhanyo in South Africa. Hippo Soap bars are really cute and they smell fabulous....with each one being completely unique and hand-poured into individual moulds! 
At 80-90 grams each, they last around one month if used daily in the bath.  Hippo Soaps are made in very small batches in Victoria BC. We hand pour 24 Hippos per batch. Each batch is unique. Each Hippo gives Hope. 
#PurchaseWithPurpose   #BebaTheChange