GROW Nolukhanyo

As taken off their Facebook page....12 August 2020

The poverty in our region is immediately apparent. Bathurst is a small rural community with few employment or business opportunities. Food security is a massive problem. Yet, our climate is perfect for growing vegetables and trees. Food literally comes out of the ground FOR FREE! Our dream is to provide the people of Nolukhanyo the means to grow their own food, and by doing so, to green and beautify the area. We would like funding to develop the existing gardens which we have identified and been working with. Now in the time of Covid, which has caused massive unemployment and threatened the income of so many, it is even more important to provide support to those supplying food to the homes. In addition, these gardens can provide ingredients for the soup kitchens which we hope to set up in partnership with the Bathurst Development Trust.
Nolukhanyo Grow started providing support to about 10 gardens a year ago. To date we have donated seeds, seedlings, trees, vines, compost, wooden planter boxes and, most recently, water tanks. The response to our encouragement has been amazing, with current gardeners increasing the size of their gardens and many additional individuals and groups approaching us. From January to July our list has grown from 10 to 50 gardens......
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