Caring for the Earth


Beba's hippos walk gently on the Earth

From the clay that's blended to create the playful colours in our soap, to the organic botanical active ingredients that pamper your skin, to the water drained after your bath, our hippo soap bars are consciously hand crafted to care for you and the planet. 

Wrapped and sent with care 

Beba Botanica wraps each hippo soap in biofilm to keep humidity at bay. Then we pack the soaps in durable, reusable, biodegradable (not to mention cute and quirky) decorative mailer boxes. Our inks are soy based and environmentally friendly.

Thinking beyond the box, we have partnered with Seed The Change to plant a tree every time you purchase a hippo soap to offset our carbon footprint.

To support those who do so much to bring awareness and effect change, we also support charitable environmental solutions with 1% for the Planet.