Get to Know Beba


That’s where all this begins - with love.

The Beba Botanica story is the journey of a South African mother who became a natural soap maker out of necessity, and a champion of the movement to make our cleaning products safe for the earth as well as for us.

Beba founder Barbara Marengo (aka Barbi, Barb or Barbs) was a successful fashion designer from Umhlanga, a town on the east coast of South Africa, just above Durban. In addition to her career, she was also caring for her first born. She began to notice that he reacted to the soaps she used on him. These were sulfate-based products containing benzoids.


He would later be diagnosed with autism, which helped to explain his sensitivity to the chemicals in the soap.

She searched out natural soaps, and being unimpressed with what was available, set about learning how to make - and eventually sell - her own.

From the outset, Barbi saw her soap as more than a consumer product. It was also a way to create social good, from sourcing locally, to following fair-trade practices, to creating opportunities for local communities.

Creating good has always been at the heart of what Beba Botanica does.

Today Barbi calls Canada home, and has introduced a line of 100% eco-friendly, long-life solid soap, shampoo and conditioning bars to replace our traditional sulfate-based liquids in plastic bottles.

Barbi continues to advance the movement to more sustainable ways of self-cleaning. When she isn’t elbow-deep in all these luxurious ingredients, she finds time to be a student at Formula Botanica, pursuing an Advanced Diploma in Organic Cosmetic Science.

The world becomes a better place with every solid bar that replaces a liquid-filled bottle. (Actually, a single bar replaces 3 bottles.)

Barbi Marengo and Beba Botanica are here for that.

"We have discovered a community of like-minded individuals who believe that our choices matter!  Using the power of commerce we are able to make sustainable and meaningful changes which affect our lives, our community and our planet.”  Barbi Marengo – June 2020