Beba's story



 BEBA Botanica was born out of a need to do good, give back and return to nature in order to fight the Covid19 pandemic. We are inspired to discover and develop artisan cosmetic solutions which are environmentally sustainable and completely natural and non-toxic.

 Barbi Marengo is the mum of four children. After moving to Canada from South Africa in 2018, she lives with her husband and children in Victoria BC, Canada.  A serial entrepreneur, she trained as a Fashion Designer, and then over the next 25 years worked in design, manufacturing, retail, and then product development and e-commerce.

 Barbi has been handcrafting artisan soaps since 1999, and is currently studying towards her Diploma in Organic Cosmetic Science with Formula Botanica. She is determined to effect meaningful change, co-investing in a sustainable future which supports diversity and ethical choice.

 "We have discovered a community of like-minded individuals who believe that our choices matter!  Using the power of commerce we are able to make sustainable and meaningful changes which affect our lives, our community and our planet.”  Barbi Marengo – June 2020