Your pampered pooch needs their own shampoo bar. BEBA Botanica's Pampered Pooch bars are formulated to be gentle enough to wash your dog with. daily, and leave your dog with a healthy shiny coat. 

You may not know that before moving to Canada and starting BEBA Botanica, I used to own and run one of the largest quarantine facilities for pets emigrating from South Africa to Australia. I have been involved in companion animal care and animal welfare since 2004. I am very passionate about proper animal care and animal grooming.

After a number of my clients here in Canada asked me if they could use their shampoo bars on their pets, I decided to formulate something that was designed especially for their coat and with a safe dose of therapeutic essential oils for dogs.(please note - these are not for use on cats)

If your dogs is a Poodle, or Poodle-cross, you may also use our Soothe range, and especially the Soothe Conditioner bar. (this is because Poodle hair is very similar to your own) However for all other breeds, I recommend using a Pampered Pooch bar. This is because they are formulated with a more neutral pH of between 6.5 and 7.5 which si better suited to your dogs skin, and more oils less butters for. their coat.