Gift Box -Hippo Soap - set of 3 hippos

Three's company if you're a Hippo, looking for some love to share...our Hippo Soap Bars make a great luxury gift soap for all ages and all skin types !  Soap for men ! Soap for women ! Soap for children ! Soap for kids! Soap for ALL skin types!

Bright, colourful and handmade from natural vegan ingredients here in Victoria BC, Canada, these Hippo Soap Bars are made from natural vegetable glycerin soap and fragranced with organic essential oil to provide you 

( aromatherapy soaps are not suitable for babies and children under 2)

Info sheet provided with each box - detailing our journey and notes on how the Hippos are made !

Biodegradable Kraft Box - printed with eco-friendly biodegradable ink, and non-coated for quicker decomposition !

Biolefin film wrap - we wrap our Hippos in 100% biodegradable film wrap  to keep them sterile and fresh !